1. KUMI Sneakers is a young but a future-ready company: self-confident and resilient to adapt to challenges.
  2. We are a slow-fashion brand as we fight against the opposite: the fast-fashion production business model which focuses on low pricing and a rapid turnaround of evolving trends (that means we won't have as many new releases as other brands out there).
  3. We believe in a circular fashion system where all garments produced can be reused, recycled or decomposed in order to reduce the environmental damage.
  4. Our sneakers are designed in Barcelona and made by Spanish local experts what reduces transport CO2 emissions and boosts the local economy. 
  5. We take care that every single sneaker is carefully and hand-craft made
  6. With the goal of sustainable fashion in mind, we produce just a few units of each style.
  7. Our shoes are vegan, sustainable and made of recycled materials (and cruelty free besides!)
  8. We also make sure that our accessories are sustainable, including our packaging and merchandising as well as the shipping packaging.
  9. We are constantly improving to be (even!) more sustainable and therefore we are being analysed to know what strengths and weaknesses the brand has and what improvements we can make.
  10. We believe in conscious consumption: what about you?