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      KUMI Sneakers adventure began two years ago when we, Sergio and Alexandra, tired of a nine-to-five job, decided to start our own project and dedicate ourselves to what we’re truly passionate about: sustainable fashion.



      Despite being from two different parts of the world, we identify ourselves with the same interests: we are so lively– we love travelling, spending our time at the mountain or beach, discovering new places, trying new food – and we never miss the chance to wear a pair of comfortable and cool sneakers. 

      So we decided to create a project of vegan sneakers that would fit our lifestyle and values:

      • Respect and love for animals: we adopted a puppy that we love madly and we want to make sure animals are treated with the same dignity.

      • Sustainable fashion industry: using vegan, sustainable and recycled materials with the goal of sustainable fashion in mind.

      • Local economy support: reducing CO2 impact and doing business with national companies.  

      For these reasons, KUMI Sneakers is more than a project. Through KUMI Sneakers we have the desire to create a community of globe-trotters that seek to leave a sustainable footprint with every step they take and that are committed to change the society they live in.