the most photogenic of all


He has been in the shelter for 3 years now and at 11 years old he is looking for a new opportunity (little face emotion). He is reserved, he needs his space, but nothing that a lot of love can't solve 🖤.

What to say about Brad?


He likes to be on his belly enjoying lots of cuddles and sunshine. With his 9 years of sweetness, he really enjoys a good company. He is the perfect match for a family without pets, because he gets all the attention with his fur.

If you want to go out for a 10k run, Leo forces you to do 11.


He motivates you and pushes you to give a little more, always. So now you know, if you're an athlete, this 6-year-old sweetheart is waiting for you.

The photos say it all, with him there is nothing else.


He needs his space, but when it's cold you have him sleeping next to you.

Let's say that the name already speaks of his personality


He is still looking for a family to accompany him in the search for the treasure: the love he has to give.

has the best name and he knows it


If you want a full time buddy, you made a match.

just by looking into his eyes you love him


We don't know his voice yet, but he does let you know when he wants to go for a walk in the mountains or at the beach and everything he likes. Be prepared, he has a lot of love to give.


when you meet Conejito you won't want to let him go, and he won't want to let you go either because he is very affectionate. He likes all beings on Earth, he gets along well with dogs, rabbits, pigeons, everything.


the most baby of all. The typical one that you sit on the couch to watch Netflix, he climbs on top of you and purrs while he acts as a stove.


follows you under the bed. All day long he wants affection, love, cuddles, instead of a cat he has the character of a person.