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Hello globe-trotters!

It's been a while since we don't write in our blog, but it's been crazy since we had a baby in September at the same time that orders started to be delivered. It's been a long adventure, but now we can say that we have a proper e-commerce where you can buy your Classic KS!

Today we'd love to share a new collaboration. A few months ago Lynn Hugill from MIMA School Art and Design in Middlesbrough offered us the opportunity to join the exhibition Chemical City as an example of sustainable fashion. We didn't think it twice as we loved the idea from day one. We are happy that students can learn from sustainable materials and products as they are future designers and it's important they are aware of plastic pollution and how sustainable and slow fashion can help to fight this problem.

The exhibition called Chemical City started on 26th November 2021 and will be available until 24th April 2022. It travels through time explaining the importance of plastic manufacturing in the area of Tees Valley and finishes in the actual plastic issue showing sustainable alternatives like our Classic KS Coconut.

The impact of chemical and synthetic materials on human lives and on the health of the planet has been extensive. While plastics remain an important part of our material landscape, we now know that they cause environmental harm and one section of the exhibition explores waste and toxicity. A showcase of contemporary products presents contemporary innovations in more sustainable fashion. 

Once again, we'd like to thank all the team of MIMA School for taking us into consideration, especially Lynn Hugill.

Hope you like this new collaboration!

Alexandra & Sergio 
KUMI Sneakers


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