Chasing Dreams: The Personal Story Behind KUMI Sneakers

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Hello to all you outstanders! Today, on International Women's Day, allow me to begin this post with a deep reflection on my own journey. Not as a founder of KUMI Sneakers, but as Alexandra, a person shaped by experiences, challenges, and a love for life itself.

I was born into a family that valued art and taught me to appreciate the little things in life. My parents always encouraged me to see the world through art, to enjoy nature, and to spend hours contemplating the sea. My mother, a sculptor and photographer, started her own business, Cúbic Art, dedicated to bringing art to everyone. She now also has her own jewelry brand, Peko & Lale. She taught me the importance of pursuing my dreams and doing things with passion. On the other hand, my father, with a stable and recognized job, decided to pursue his passion for music and founded a rock band. From them, I learned that we should follow our passions, regardless of what others may think.

My brother has always been an example of growth and constant improvement. He taught me that time and limits only exist if we create them. Life has taught me that it twists and turns, and we may face difficult moments, but if we maintain a positive attitude, seek motivation, and keep moving forward, we can overcome any obstacle. A phrase that stuck with me, taught by my aunt, is: "life is also about this." I understood that life not only brings us moments of joy but also challenges that shape us and teach us to persevere.

The entrepreneurship of KUMI Sneakers coincided with the birth of my son, a challenging period that tested my limits daily. Motherhood is complicated and has tested me every day. I used to live a hectic life, and now I've had to learn to prioritize and focus my energies differently. However, my son fills my soul and makes me see the world from a different perspective.

The path to entrepreneurship was not easy, but I always knew I wanted to forge my own path. I always felt misunderstood in my previous jobs and didn't see the reward I was seeking. With KUMI Sneakers, I finally see and feel that reward. Seeing our products shipped to different parts of the world and receiving positive feedback from our customers fills me with pride. The journey has been full of challenges, but each obstacle has taught me valuable lessons. Until last year, I had to juggle my job with the brand until I finally said "enough." I decided to dedicate myself to my dreams, and here I am, writing this article with a smile on my face because a new order has just arrived.

My academic background spans various fields: I initially studied Advertising and Public Relations, followed by Psychology, and later specialized with a Master's in International Tourism Management. Despite this diversity, all these fields converge at one point: I love working with people. I am passionate about meeting the needs of clients and building strong interpersonal relationships. My work experiences in marketing, event organization, and tourism have provided me with anecdotes and valuable lessons that have shaped my perspective and taught me gratitude for the opportunities life offers me.

However, my interest in exploring the more altruistic side of humanity goes beyond my professional career. During my stay in Barcelona, I participated in various volunteer activities that allowed me to experience diverse social realities. Additionally, I had the enriching experience of living in Mexico for a period of time, where I worked in a foster home, providing daily support to children under two years old. This experience filled me with a unique perspective and taught me valuable lessons about life.

Traveling has always been one of my passions. Throughout my travels, I've learned that traveling opens doors and helps us grow as individuals. I've always been willing to try new things and live intense experiences. My personal journey also led me to meet Sergio, my life partner and co-founder of KUMI Sneakers. We met in Barcelona while he was on exchange, and despite our complicated circumstances, we decided to fight for our love. For two years, we were in a long-distance relationship between Mallorca (Spain) and Puebla (Mexico). Although many people told us it wasn't worth it, that it was suffering for the sake of suffering, today we have a son, a dog, and a successful brand. Greetings to all who told us we wouldn't be capable!

With KUMI Sneakers, we aim to create a sustainable impact in the world and offer personalized, attentive service to our customers. With every order we send, every social media post I make, I try to convey a piece of myself. I want to bring my world closer to others and share my experiences.

In conclusion, I want to say that life presents us with obstacles, and it can be difficult to keep going at times. But it's always possible, and if it's for our dreams, the effort is worth it. We must live intensely, savor life, and do everything that makes us happy. And although motherhood can be complicated, it's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Having my son Ander keeps me grounded and makes me laugh like no one else does.

Thank you for reading my story and for accompanying me on this journey with KUMI Sneakers. I hope our brand continues to grow, and that we can inspire others to pursue their dreams. See you on the next order!


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  • What an inspiring message to encourage people to take the plunge, start their own business and follow their dreams!

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