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      KUMI Writer

      KUMI Bag: the anti-odorant

      KUMI Bag: the anti-odorant

      Have you ever wondered how can you comfortably travel while helping to sustainability? Today, we’re launching the KUMI BAG section, where we’ll present you different useful and sustainable products that you can take into consideration when preparing your bags.

      Are you ready to let your globe-trotter adventure start?

      Today, we want to introduce you to nuud. For those who don’t know what does it consist of, it is basically a “deodorant” or, better said, an anti-odorant. While the conventional deodorants hide the smell of sweat through harmful products that affect not only the environment but also our skin, nuud bases its formula in erasing the bacteria that produces that smell. So, the main difference between deodorant and anti-odorant, is that in the first one, the product conceals the smell whereas the second one prevents the appearance of its cause -bacteria-

      Why do we love this product? Because it is vegan, cruelty free and with no plastic presence. It also takes care of the environment and our skin, by eliminating the main used ingredients in the conventional deodorants such as aluminium, parabens and petrochemicals.

      Not feeling curious enough yet? Well, here it comes the icing on the cake… one single application can last up to 7 days! Yes, we know you may be like “wait, what?”

      It sounds amazing but you are probably wondering how it really feels using it, aren’t you? Let me tell you about my personal experience.

      I started using nuud at the beginning of the year after reading about it a lot. I was attracted to the idea of trying it myself, but at the same time, it scared me as I was so used to the conventional deodorants, and changing this habit sounded tough to me. Taking advantage of being at home all day long due the pandemic situation, I took the leap! 

      The first time I used it, it felt really different to the concept we have in mind when thinking about deodorants. I had to exfoliate and wash my armpits before the application, which is not in spray or roll-on but a thick cream that takes a bit to be fully absorbed. However, once dry, it doesn’t stain the clothes at all, which thing was a great surprise for me.


      nuud says you won’t have to reapply the product in 3 to 7 days (depending on each person), but I had the feeling of smelling a bit after 2 days -I know now that it was because the body took a bit to eliminate all the aluminium waste-. The following applications were kind of the same weird feeling, a thick cream that doesn’t absorb immediately -maybe I am too impatient though-. But that was it, all my “problems” were that I couldn’t just run out of the shower and go straight to the street but had to wait a bit to let the product be absorbed, after that: no smells, no stains, nothing! 

      Nowadays, I feel confident about the product and myself using it. At the beginning it felt weird not to use deodorants daily, but now I feel happy about it. I apply nuud twice a week and I promise there’s no smell at all, non-even after my gym sessions!

      Have you ever experienced that feeling of reaching home after a long journey with that characteristic sweat smell on your clothes? Well, it doesn’t happen to me anymore. I am now more than proud to have decided to give it a try as I know I am contributing to enhance our planet while being more than comfortable by using it.






      Gera Antich · Committed globe-trotter

      Visiting the sneakers factory!

      Visiting the sneakers factory!

      Today we want to share some news of our brand and sneakers!

      Yesterday we went to visit the sneakers factory to check how the production is going and we can conclude that we are amazed of the work they are doing. We are pretty sure you will love your Classic KS!

      Our factory is located in Elche, a city in Spain in the Valencian Community. Well-known for the thousands and thousands of palms that give to this city its characteristic green touch, it's also the shoe capital of Spain.

      We think that is important to share with you a little sneak peek of the production to understand how our sneakers are made by local experts. Step by step they take care that every single sneaker is carefully made. 

      Also we'd love to inform you that next week the production will be finished and the deliveries will start soon! Don't hesitate to get your Classic KS with the presale discount as it's coming to an end.

      Enjoy the pics!


      5 ways to reduce waste

      5 ways to reduce waste

      Go sustainable!

      Today we'd like to share 5 easy steps you can follow to reduce your waste that will have a great impact to our environment.


      Shopping bag. When shopping don't forget to bring your reusable bag. 

      For sure you have been gifted with one when purchasing in a sustainable shop. If not, don't panic! There are many places where you can get an organic cotton bag and match it with your outfit.



      Toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush with a biodegradable one. 

      It's estimated that a person throws away 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime and it takes 75 years to degrade each one as most of them are made of plastic (El Español, 2018). What we can do? Switch to a biodegradable toothbrush as a bamboo one.


      At Freshly Cosmetics you can find Pure Freshness Toothbrush a vegan and sustainable option. Also they explain in their website how to recycle once you want to change it. 


      Water bottle. Use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic bottles. 

      At KUMI Sneakers we work to fight plastic pollution using recycled plastic bottles to create our sneakers and give them a second use.

      Three facts that would drive you crazy:

      Every year, 500 billion plastic bottles are made globally (Greenpeace, 2018)

      Every minute, araound a million plastic bottles are sold around the world (National Geographic, 2019)

      Each plastic bottle takes between 450 and 1000 years to decompose (National Geographic, 2019)

      Still not convinced? Maybe the coolest bottles designs will. Check 24bottles brand, they have a great range of original designs and sizes.


      Coffee cup. Bring your own cup at coffee shop.

      When buying a take away drink, we are consuming a single use cup that will not be correctly recycled. Usually these cups are made with carton and a laminated plastic coating that is really hard to remove.


      Best solution? When not having enough time to enjoy the drink at the coffee shop, you can bring your own cup and fill it there. Some of the places they start to sell their own reusable cup so there is no excuse to continue with a single use cup.


      Menstrual cup. Switch to a menstrual cup and say goodbye to tampons and sanitary napkins.

      Unfortunately, conventional feminine hygine products are made with plastic. Surprised? Tampons not only are wrapped in plastic, but also we can find plastic in the applicator, the string and the absorbent part. Pads incorporate even more plastic for example using synthetic fibers to absorb fluid (National Geographic, 2019).

      An alternative and sustainable option is to switch to a menstrual cup as the materials are more ecofriendly and they can last 10 years. Cora Cup it's very comfortable and it comes with a vegan leather clutch. 

      Any other tip that you will add to this list? Write us a comment!

      Hello globe-trotters!

      Hello globe-trotters!

      Welcome to KUMI Sneakers family!

      We are Alexandra and Sergio, the founders of KUMI Sneakers. We've decided to create a blog where we'd love to share all kind of stuff: sustainable tips, ecofriendly news, travels and recommendations around the world, and important information regarding our brand.

      If you are new in this community you might be asking how we started. Two years ago we've decided to start this journey and create our own brand that matches with our values. That's the reason why KUMI Sneakers is locally produced, animal friendly and sustainable.

      Starting a business during COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge and it forced us to delay the launch of our brand. As it’s been an unexpected situation, we needed to find solutions to the new challenges that this global situation brought to our society and turn them into opportunities.

      Fortunately, on March 2021, we managed to launch our Kickstarter campaign. Through this crowdfunding platform we introduced our sneakers to the world with the aim of achieving our financial goal to launch the brand. And we did it! People from all over the world trusted us and helped us to achieve our dream. We invite you to check it here.

      After the campaign, we collected all the information of the orders and we sent it to the manufacturer. At this moment, they are working to produce all the sneakers from Kickstarter and the ones that we are actually receiving in presale. As we understand that waiting to receive your sneakers is not the ideal situation, we highly appreciate the trust and support of our new customers with an exclusive discount only available during this period of presale.

      We're more than happy to have started this new journey and to share it with all of you, the committed globe-trotters. Don't miss our next posts and follow us on social media to be updated!

      Thank you,

      Alexandra & Sergio