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Welcome to KUMI Sneakers family!

We are Alexandra and Sergio, the founders of KUMI Sneakers. We've decided to create a blog where we'd love to share all kind of stuff: sustainable tips, ecofriendly news, travels and recommendations around the world, and important information regarding our brand.

If you are new in this community you might be asking how we started. Two years ago we've decided to start this journey and create our own brand that matches with our values. That's the reason why KUMI Sneakers is locally produced, animal friendly and sustainable.

Starting a business during COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge and it forced us to delay the launch of our brand. As it’s been an unexpected situation, we needed to find solutions to the new challenges that this global situation brought to our society and turn them into opportunities.

Fortunately, on March 2021, we managed to launch our Kickstarter campaign. Through this crowdfunding platform we introduced our sneakers to the world with the aim of achieving our financial goal to launch the brand. And we did it! People from all over the world trusted us and helped us to achieve our dream. We invite you to check it here.

After the campaign, we collected all the information of the orders and we sent it to the manufacturer. At this moment, they are working to produce all the sneakers from Kickstarter and the ones that we are actually receiving in presale. As we understand that waiting to receive your sneakers is not the ideal situation, we highly appreciate the trust and support of our new customers with an exclusive discount only available during this period of presale.

We're more than happy to have started this new journey and to share it with all of you, the committed globe-trotters. Don't miss our next posts and follow us on social media to be updated!

Thank you,

Alexandra & Sergio

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