5 ways to reduce waste

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Go sustainable!

Today we'd like to share 5 easy steps you can follow to reduce your waste that will have a great impact to our environment.


Shopping bag. When shopping don't forget to bring your reusable bag. 

For sure you have been gifted with one when purchasing in a sustainable shop. If not, don't panic! There are many places where you can get an organic cotton bag and match it with your outfit.



Toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush with a biodegradable one. 

It's estimated that a person throws away 300 toothbrushes in their lifetime and it takes 75 years to degrade each one as most of them are made of plastic (El Español, 2018). What we can do? Switch to a biodegradable toothbrush as a bamboo one.


At Freshly Cosmetics you can find Pure Freshness Toothbrush a vegan and sustainable option. Also they explain in their website how to recycle once you want to change it. 


Water bottle. Use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic bottles. 

At KUMI Sneakers we work to fight plastic pollution using recycled plastic bottles to create our sneakers and give them a second use.

Three facts that would drive you crazy:

Every year, 500 billion plastic bottles are made globally (Greenpeace, 2018)

Every minute, araound a million plastic bottles are sold around the world (National Geographic, 2019)

Each plastic bottle takes between 450 and 1000 years to decompose (National Geographic, 2019)

Still not convinced? Maybe the coolest bottles designs will. Check 24bottles brand, they have a great range of original designs and sizes.


Coffee cup. Bring your own cup at coffee shop.

When buying a take away drink, we are consuming a single use cup that will not be correctly recycled. Usually these cups are made with carton and a laminated plastic coating that is really hard to remove.


Best solution? When not having enough time to enjoy the drink at the coffee shop, you can bring your own cup and fill it there. Some of the places they start to sell their own reusable cup so there is no excuse to continue with a single use cup.


Menstrual cup. Switch to a menstrual cup and say goodbye to tampons and sanitary napkins.

Unfortunately, conventional feminine hygine products are made with plastic. Surprised? Tampons not only are wrapped in plastic, but also we can find plastic in the applicator, the string and the absorbent part. Pads incorporate even more plastic for example using synthetic fibers to absorb fluid (National Geographic, 2019).

An alternative and sustainable option is to switch to a menstrual cup as the materials are more ecofriendly and they can last 10 years. Cora Cup it's very comfortable and it comes with a vegan leather clutch. 

Any other tip that you will add to this list? Write us a comment!

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