Chemical City

'Chemical City',the exhibition organized by MIMA School of Art & Design in Middlesbrough (UK), travels through time presenting the evolution of chemicals production and showing sustainable alternatives to plastic manufacturing.

The impact of chemical and synthetic materials on human lives and on the health of the planet has been extensive. While plastics remain an important part of our material landscape, we now know that they cause environmental harm and one section of the exhibition explores waste and toxicity. A showcase of contemporary products  presents contemporary innovations in more sustainable fashion. This display has been put together with Lynn Hugill and students of the MIMA School of Art & Design.

When Lynn contacted us to be part of this exhibition as an example of sustainable fashion, we were more than delighted to do it. From 26th November 2021 until 24th April 2022 our Classic KS Coconut is exposed in this exhibition with an illustration made by students of the school that explains the composition of the sneakers. Through this exhibition students can learn the importance of replacing plastic with sustainable alternatives to change fashion industry.