Interview with KUMI Sneakers

Introducing the delightful partners, Alexandra and Sergio, representing KUMI Sneakers. Join them on today's exciting episode. Alexandra and Sergio proudly bring you fair and sustainably produced vegan sneakers, crafted with immense love and dedication right here in Spain. Get ready to immerse yourself in their remarkable journey and discover the beauty of ethical footwear.


Sustainable fashion

As you may know, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. If fashion consumption continues at this rate, we will need three times more natural resources by 2050. That is why ONsiders joined forces with three empowered women: Sònia Flotats, creator and editor of So Good So Cute; Lourdes Ferrer, CEO of Percentil; and Alexandra Pardo, CEO of the sustainable brand Kumi Sneakers. These three inspiring women gave us advice on how to consume consciously and talked about very interesting subjects relating to fashion and sustainability.


#4: Kumi Sneakers

Today we speak with Alexandra and Sergio, the individuals behind Kumi Sneakers, a brand of vegan sneakers that aims to provide us with modern, quality, and cruelty-free products. All of them manufactured in Spain. A delightful brand and two individuals committed to a much more conscious and local consumption.


A sustainable sneakers brand revolutionizing the fashion industry

Introducing Alexandra and Sergio, the founders of Kumi, a sustainable sneakers brand that is revolutionizing the fashion industry. United by their passion for sustainable fashion, they embarked on a journey to create a brand that combines style, ethics, and environmental consciousness. Overcoming challenges along the way, they have emerged as leaders in the field, offering stylish and eco-friendly sneakers that challenge the status quo.