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      Unfortunately, the fashion industry is related to pollution and labour exploitation. More and more clothes are produced and consumed, generating high levels of pollution and at very competitive prices as a result of precarious work situations.


      However, we are increasingly aware of this situation and as consumers we look for alternatives to hyper-consumerism, buying ecological, sustainable and ethical fashion brands.

      KUMI Sneakers is committed to this change and for this reason we would like to share our manifesto with you: 

      · Cruelty free shoes: our brand does not test on animals to produce our vegan sneakers.

      · Local sneakers made in Spain: Our sneakers are designed in Barcelona and produced in Elche. Consequently we reduce transport CO2 emissions and collaborate with the local economy. 

      · Proximity and closeness: the relationship with our providers is more than a simple exchange. They are our collaborators and it is essential to have a close relationship based on transparency, personal contact and trust, because without them we wouldn’t be able to do our project. So we always look for a win-win relationship and we make sure that the working conditions are appropriate. 

      · Care of each sneaker: Unlike industrialized fashion, our production is local, by experts who pamper and take care of every detail when producing our sustainable sneakers. 

      · Sustainability in every detail: In addition to choosing all the materials for our vegan sneakers, we also make sure that all the accessories are sustainable, including our packaging and merchandising as well as the shipping packaging. 100% compostable mailer made from bio-based polymer PBAT and a plant based polymer PLA.