Premium materials

Times are changing so fashion does.

We firmly believe that the choices we make today wield a profound impact on the world of tomorrow. At KUMI Sneakers, our commitment goes beyond just crafting stylish footwear – we are dedicated to offering eco-conscious options that extend to our entire packaging, accessories, and merchandising. Moreover, our shipping packaging is designed to be sustainable, aligning with our ethos of reducing environmental impact.

We prioritize the use of materials with stringent quality standards and low environmental impact to create footwear that is not only durable but also sustainable. Our responsibility extends beyond the product itself to include every element associated with it.

Opting for sustainable materials is not merely a trend; it is a responsibility we take seriously. By choosing organic materials, we ensure that our products are cultivated without harmful pesticides or chemicals, fostering healthier ecosystems and supporting the well-being of farmers and workers. This dedication to organic materials guarantees that each step taken in KUMI Sneakers aligns with your values, contributing to the well-being of the planet we all share.

Equally significant to us is our commitment to being a vegan brand. We firmly believe that fashion should not compromise animal welfare, which is why our sneakers are entirely free from animal-derived materials. Instead, we embrace innovative, cruelty-free alternatives, demonstrating that style and compassion can seamlessly coexist. By selecting KUMI Sneakers, you join a movement that advocates for a kinder, more sustainable approach to fashion.

Our materials not only represent ethically conscious choices but also embrace the principles of the circular economy. We proudly integrate recycled materials into our production process, minimizing waste and providing a second life to materials that would otherwise contribute to landfills. Supporting KUMI Sneakers means participating in the journey toward reduced environmental impact and a world where products are reused, preserving valuable resources.

Every step taken in our sneakers is a statement, a reflection of your dedication to a more sustainable future. Join us on this transformative journey as we endeavor to redefine the fashion industry, one pair of shoes at a time. Together, we can make a meaningful difference for the planet and all its inhabitants.

we love animals

We are a vegan brand: all our materials are free from animal products.

We dream of a world in which animal rights are respected and this is our contribution: a sustainable brand that avoids any product of animal origin.

all details matter


Your Classic KS pair is kept in a shoe box made with recycled cardboard


Every order has a thank-you postcard made with grape waste. Recycled fiber and organic material. Biodegradable and acid free

shoe bag

Inside your shoe box you will find the 100% cotton bag, ideal for storing your sneakers or carrying it on your adventures


Your order is sent with a shipping 100% compostable mailer made from bio-based polymer PBAT and a plant based polymer PLA