Visiting the sneakers factory!

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Today we want to share some news of our brand and sneakers!

Yesterday we went to visit the sneakers factory to check how the production is going and we can conclude that we are amazed of the work they are doing. We are pretty sure you will love your Classic KS!

Our factory is located in Elche, a city in Spain in the Valencian Community. Well-known for the thousands and thousands of palms that give to this city its characteristic green touch, it's also the shoe capital of Spain.

We think that is important to share with you a little sneak peek of the production to understand how our sneakers are made by local experts. Step by step they take care that every single sneaker is carefully made. 

Also we'd love to inform you that next week the production will be finished and the deliveries will start soon! Don't hesitate to get your Classic KS with the presale discount as it's coming to an end.

Enjoy the pics!


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